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TRS Financial Services lead by Mr. T.R.Santharam - Senior Financial Consultant. A Retired Bank Manager, AMFI Regd Mutual Fund Distributor & IRDA Certified Insurance Advisor, Charted Financial Goal Planner, Charted Inheritance and Succession Planner Created > 25000 billionaires sofar in his Profession. 
After Retirement from ICICI Bank He has started this TRS FINANCIAL SERVICES in Trichy and giving Suggestions on all investment and Financial Matters to all his clients in India and abroad. He has created >1000 billionaires so far
He has a Passion for Educacting freely further ONE MILLION people on FINANCIAL LITERACY to make them BILLIONAIRES by creating WEALTH for their FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Multiplying, Protecting it and  transforming the same to their next generations Legally & easily. 

He is providing Good Service to his clients who do Investments as suggested by him based on their age occupation goals and risk appetite and is loyal to them.He creates good returns (Alpha) for them.  He suggests on how to create wealth within one's mean how to multiply, protect and transform it to next generation without any hassle legally.To make his clients billionaires very quickly he associated himself as Director with Krish Housing and Properties P Ltd company which has 20 years experience in Real Estate and providing Homes to the Homeless people at affordable cost at Various Prime Locations in various cities in India.
He values their time and supports, Gives timely solutions  to their problems and replies or addresses their queries on time including tax Savings and Income tax Filing. He also values his own time & efforts and expects reciprocation from his clients and Prospects. ie., Financial discipline, Immediate response. So he acts as one point digital contact for all your Investments and Financial Services and Matters.

Our Services

TRS Financial Services
TRS Financial Services

Investment and Services
Bank / Postal Investments, All insurances including Endowment, ULIP Plans, Term, Accident, Critical Illness, Health insurance and General Insurance, Company Deposits NCDs, Bonds, Gold, Stocks, PMS, Private equity, Commodities, Currencies, Real Estate, Will writing, Trust Creation
Short Medium and Long Term Investment s like Emergency Fund, Child Education Marriage Retirement Schemes etc.,
Suggesting good schemes for Tax Savings Emergency Funds, Children Education, Marriage, Buying a House or Property or Car, Retirement Corpus, Vocations, charity Fund, Painting, Estate, Debt Management and Wealth Creation.
Financial Literacy
Our Main Goal and Passion is Conducting Free Investment Awareness Programs online and offline to educate at least 1 million people on Financial Literacy so as to enable them to attain Financial Freedom, So Any School, College, Institution, Government and Non-government Department, Associations, Clubs can contact us for conducting WEBINARS ON FINANCIAL LITERACY OR INVESTMENT AWARNESS PROGRAMS  OR ON ANY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
Investments to Create Wealth
Smart Investment ideas and  suggestions are available and provided for those who approach us either online or offline after assessing their Age, Occupation, Risk Profiles and Goals
Financial Independence
Providing Cost Effective Solutions for all financial problems/ Matters and worries and making them Billionaires by suggesting Investments within their means for Wealth creation leading to their Financial Freedom
Financial Services, Ideas & Assistance
Providing Cost Effective Solutions for all your Financial problems and Matters in one shop either online or offline as per their Wishes
Pl contact T R Santharam -9345412312

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